When it comes to baking gluten free goodies, there is no one else we would rather turn to for helpful tips than our very own pastry department. Our pastry department has been creating our amazing selection of gluten free breads, buns, biscotti, bagels, scones, desserts, and all other manner of delicious things from the day we opened.

This time of year, many people get into the kitchen to bake their own tasty treats, so we’ve asked pastry team to share a few of her tips for the perfect gluten free baking experience.

1. Wet Hands.
Any gluten free dough that you work with is going to be a wetter dough from a traditional, wheat flour dough due to the lack of gluten, one tip for handling the dough is to keep your hands just a little wet. This makes sure the dough sticks to itself, and not to you.

2. Choose the Right Recipe.
Any kind of baked good will most likely have a gluten element to it for bonding, so if you’re trying out your gluten free baking chops, start with a recipe that traditionally has less gluten for better gluten free results. Breads, for instance, are hardest because they are the most gluten heavy, so they don’t translate quite as easily as, for instance, a cheesecake recipe. Be aware of how much you have to change a recipe to make it gluten free. If the gluten element seems significant, consider trying a different recipe until you are more experienced.

3. Blends Can Help.
It takes a fair number of ingredients to satisfactorily replace the gluten elements in a recipe, so it can often be easier, and more cost effective, to use gluten free flour blends that are made specifically for certain uses, like Christmas cookies, or pancakes.

4. Temperature is Important.
Just like with any kind of baking, it’s important to pay attention to the temperature directions in your recipe. If the recipe calls for ice water, use ice water, and so on. This will help with the bonding elements of your dough, and will move you closer to a successful gluten free baking experience.

5. Be Patient.
Baking gluten free goodies is not necessarily a cake walk, so take your time, be detailed, and be patient. Eventually, you will have a batch of edibles that are not only gluten free, but delicious as well!

Most importantly of all: Have fun! Baking can be a meditative practice, and with a little music, a glass of wine, and a good attitude, you can accomplish your gluten free baking goals!

Of course, you don’t have to go through the trouble of baking your own gluten free goods: our restaurant is a testament to delicious gluten free food, and we are always here to make your dietary limitations a thing of the past.

Many thanks to Pastry Team for sharing their valuable tips, and Happy Baking!