Ask the Chef Monday: Chicken Stock

Monday, January 6, 2014


chicken stock 2This week for Ask the Chef Monday, Chef Peter addresses chicken stock.

Question: “When making chicken stock, what’s the most efficient way to drain off the fat? And do you drain all of the fat off, or just most of it? Do you save the fat for later use?”

Chef Peter: “Here is my take on chicken stock.  I  use 8 pounds of chicken bones to end up with 1 gallon of stock.  You can adjust any amounts equally for your specific needs.  I put the bones in a stock pot and rinse with cold water.  Drain this water.  This is to clean the bones and remove any leftover blood.  I add 5 quarts of cold water (plus any herbs or vegetables).  Put on a burner on high and bring to a boil.  Right when it comes to a boil, lower heat to simmer the water.  At this time and for the next 2 hours, I use a 6 ounce ladle to remove the scum and fat off of the top.  Slowly push the ladle down, just millimeters, below the surface and let the fat role over the top of the ladle and into it.  Then discard.”

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