Ask the Chef Monday: Recipe Substitutions

Monday, January 13, 2014


This week, Chef Peter addresses healthy recipe substitutions for Ask the Chef Monday.

Question: “I’ve read lately about healthy substitutions in recipes— honey for sugar, applesauce for eggs, and Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise/heavy cream/butter/etc. Do you agree with some of these substitutions, or do you feel like they sacrifice the integrity of the dish?”

Chef Peter: “That is a tough question and I would like to answer it in a politically correct way to not offend anyone.  I think you need to decide what your motivations are when you a making something.  If you want it to be as healthy (or not as bad) for you, make some substitutions.  In baking, all of the ingredients work together as in a science experiment.  If you change something, the final outcome will be different.  I don’t mind changing items to make them healthier or to allow a friend with an allergy to be able to enjoy it, however expect it to be different than the original.”

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