Introducing Harley & Lex: Posana’s Dynamic Pastry Duo

Meet Lex and Harley, the dynamic pastry duo infusing Posana with a perfect blend of expertise and creativity. Our newly revamped Spring dessert menu promises to be seriously impressive this season! Try the Vanilla Bean Vegan Creme Brûlée, a blend of fresh berries and vegan whipped cream goodness. Or indulge in the dreamy Blood Orange Tiramisu, featuring rich mascarpone cream, chocolate ladyfinger, and candied hazelnut. Forget the ordinary — these new desserts offer a bundle of sweet sophistication — and an invitation to experience the magic that Lex and Harley bring to the table.


Lex: A Journey in Flavor and Passion

Lex’s culinary journey began in high school, where she ignited her passion through culinary competitions and a senior-year apprenticeship at the prestigious Biltmore Estate, culminating in the receipt of a Journeyman’s Certificate. Simultaneously, she pursued her education at Culinary School, graduating as an AB Tech Baking & Pastry alumna from the class of 2013. Proudly hailing from WNC and raised in Flat Rock, Lex boasts a rich culinary career spanning 14 years, marked by her entrepreneurial venture, Layered by Lex (@layeredbylex), founded in 2016, specializing in cake decorating.

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Lex finds joy in the rhythmic art of dance, a passion cultivated since her early childhood. With a partner met during her apprenticeship at Biltmore, Lex shares a deep love for food, exploration, and family, creating cherished memories with their children, aged 15 & 8, through activities like mini golf, hiking, and skate park adventures with their pit bull and two cats. In 2020, a personal decision led Lex to eliminate gluten from her diet, it has been a challenge to find restaurants with safe and exciting options and even harder to continue working in environments with gluten. Being able to safely consume and expand her gluten free expertise at work has been a refreshing relief. This shift not only reflects her dedication to exploring alternative culinary avenues but also underscores Posana’s role in fostering a supportive environment for expanding gluten-free expertise.

“…an invitation to experience the magic that Lex and Harley bring to the table.”


Harley: From Hobbyist to Maestro

Originally from Orlando, FL, Harley embarked on their pastry journey by baking for friends and loved ones while earning a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of West Florida. This enjoyable hobby transformed into a thriving career when they made the move to Asheville in 2020.

With a solid two and a half years in the industry, Harley’s journey continued to flourish. They earned a pastry degree from Escoffier, followed by a fulfilling externship that allowed them to craft delectable bonbons at French Broad Chocolate. In May of 2023, Harley brought this rich confectionery experience to Posana.

Beyond the kitchen, when not crafting your favorite breads and treats, Harley immerses themselves in various forms of media. In their downtime, they also play the role of a comforting heating pad for their senior cat and dog.

Spring Desserts

Spring blooms at Posana, where Lex and Harley’s culinary artistry takes center stage in a dessert lineup that embodies the vibrant flavors of the season. Join us in Downtown Asheville and elevate your dessert experience with our Spring desserts that go beyond the ordinary.