Lamborn Family Vineyards – Wine Dinner

Sunday, March 17, 2019


It’s no secret that Posana takes wine seriously. Our Wine Spectator Award-winning cellar houses over 450 wines selected by our sommelier Adam Oxford. Organic, sustainable, and biodynamic are qualities we search for in every bottle. We believe that the story behind each sip is just as important as the grapes themselves. 

Lamborn Family Vineyards and winemaker Heidi Barrett epitomize these values. 

In 1971, Bob Lamborn and his son Michael purchased forty acres of land at the base of Howell Mountain in Napa Valley. A 100-case vintage, crafted in 1982, was the first of what became a spectacular legacy, spanning three generations and boasting Zinfandels and Cabernet Sauvignons from one of the most sought-after appellations in the world. Lamborn Family Vineyards Nappa Valley

In 1991, the Oakland Firestorm destroyed Bob Lamborn’s home. In a tribute to this event and the struggle of rebirth that followed, that year’s vintage was thoughtfully entitled “Phoenix Vintage”, and the story was told on the wine’s back label- a tradition that continues today, with each vintage titled for its growing season and the events surrounding it. 

Heidi Barrett, Winemaker holding bottle of wineIn 1996 the team brought on Heidi Barrett, a winemaker whose career includes legacies at vineyards such as Screaming Eagle and Dalla Valle. Her skills have garnered worldwide attention, and earned her the unofficial titles of “winemaking star” and “the First Lady of Wine”. Heidi employs a thoughtful approach, a focus on quality, and an emphasis on enjoying the process of winemaking as much as the result.

Lamborn Family Vineyards wines in bottle and glassJoin us on April 17th for a five-course meal prepared by Posana’s chefs and meticulously paired with wines from Lamborn Family Vineyards. See menu here.

*$110 per seat, nonrefundable. Does not include tax or gratuity. Purchase tickets here or call us at 828.505.3969 to reserve your seat.*

*$110 per seat, nonrefundable. Does not include tax or gratuity. Credit card taken when reservation is made.



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