We are willing to bet that when you think of Posana, your first thought is probably not a bar. But we are also willing to bet that once you try it, then it is an indulgence that feels like dessert, and could easily become a treasured tradition, whether that is yearly, monthly, or even weekly. Our approach to drinks, whether it is coffee, soda, or cocktails, is the same approach we take with food: make it fresh, make it local, make it from scratch, and make it delicious.

Posana’s Coffee Drinks: Local Roasts for Local Tastes
Dynamite Roasters creates two custom blends for Posana: the Posana Signature Coffee Blend, and the Posana Signature Espresso Blend. These delicious, fair trade, organic, locally roasted blends are the foundation for all of our coffee and espresso based creations. Whether you love a classic cappuccino, or have more of a sweet tooth for mochas, the quality of our ingredients ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy the coffee drink of your choice! And of course, all of our coffee drinks are made with organic, locally produced dairy, or any number of dairy free milk substitutes.

House Made Sodas: It’s In the Details

We take the time to make sure that every drink we make meets and exceeds our own strict expectations, and that even means the sodas that we make in house! The base of our house made sodas is our Natura filtered soda water, which is triple filtered, just like all of our water, and each soda syrup flavor is created from scratch using the freshest seasonal ingredients we can find!