We are proud to share that we started our own urban garden project in West Asheville.  Posana, which regularly sources from over 64 different local purveyors and farmers, began serving some ingredients from its own garden plot earlier this Spring.

posana-restaurant-asheville-70-250x250-7878625“I’ve long wanted to get my hands in the dirt and truly tend to the ingredients we serve,” says Posana Executive Chef and Owner Peter Pollay.  “I believe it will give me a greater respect for the food.  So far, it has definitely given me an even higher respect for all the farmers we work with.  It’s been an exciting process and has taught me so much about our community.”

posana-restaurant-asheville-10-e1440700642630-300x257-4257115To start the garden, Pollay partnered with West Asheville-local, Linda Paterson, on her Organic Growers School final project.  She helped Pollay find a small plot in a backyard in West Asheville.  They started with a test of eight-raised beds last fall just to experiment; and will begin truly harvesting for the restaurant this Spring.  As part of the first harvest, he planted  Blue Curled Scotch Kale, Vates Collards, Misato Rose Radish, Helios Radish, Candela Di Fuocu Radish, Albino Beets, Bulls Blood Beets, and Chioggia Beets.

posana-restaurant-asheville-66-300x200-9501007“My goal was to grow ingredients we couldn’t always find elsewhere, as well as simple ingredients that are quintessential to the Posana menu,” says Pollay.

Planting an urban plot in West Asheville gave Pollay and staff easy access to the garden but also the room to plant more than herbs and only lettuces.   There are plans to expand the garden this fall.

Ask about our urban garden on your next visit to Posana.