Posana’s Wine Spectator Award Winning menu is sure to delight even the most adventurous wine aficionado.

Sommelier and general manager, Adam Oxford, selects each bottle carefully, placing emphasis on boutique and hard-to-find wines, unusual grapes and regions, and above all, a superior product. Posana’s standards of sustainability and organic farming are not forgotten in the wine cellar, which boasts an emphasis on organic, sustainable, and biodynamic wines.


Posana’s staff regularly and enthusiastically participate in in-depth wine training, even taking field trips to wineries in the region or seeking their own sommelier certification. Our goal, in addition to providing a unique and unmatched selection, is to encourage staff to expand their knowledge of wine and learn skills that our guests can appreciate tableside. Guests from all levels of wine appreciation will find a warm welcome and skillful assistance in finding the perfect bottle to complement your meal and occasion.

Our wine list is now available online! We source from many boutique and small-production wineries, so availability of certain bottles may be subject to change. To ensure a bottle’s availability before your visit, please email us at info@posanaavl.com.